Why Socket & See Is the Smart Choice for Electrical Testing and Measurement

Socket & See is a reputable brand in the electrical testing and measurement industry, offering high-quality products that provide excellent value. Boasting a quarter-century of expertise, the brand has earned renown for its dependable and inventive solutions, serving as excellent alternatives to pricier testing devices. What sets Socket & See apart from other brands is that all its test instruments are designed in the UK. This means that every product is built to meet the high standards of quality and safety that are expected in the UK market.

One of Socket & See’s most popular products is the SOK32 Socket Tester. The Socket & See SOK32 is a reliable and user-friendly solution for testing mains wiring. Its LED display provides a clear indication of correct wiring, while its advanced electronics ensure accurate and reliable results. With a tough, smooth-contoured construction and the signature, eye-catching ‘Socket & See’ body colour, it is easy to locate in a toolkit. It can detect dangerous wiring conditions such as reversed live earth connections and disconnected wires, making it an essential tool for electrical installations and maintenance. The SOK32 also features clear audible indications and error-free testing for added convenience.

Another popular product from Socket & See is the VIP150 Voltage Tester. The VIP150 is a voltage indicator that is designed to be easy to use and is built to CAT IV 600V safety standards. Its compact size makes it suitable for accessing terminals in hard-to-reach places, and it can detect voltages from 6V to 400V AC/DC without the need for batteries or buttons. The VIP150 can be used with the Socket & See SP200/SP400 proving units (sold separately).

Socket & See also offers a versatile and reliable multifunction tester in the form of the MFT5000 Multifunction Tester. The Socket & See MFT5000 is a rugged, multifunction tester that combines essential test functions in one easy-to-use unit. Designed for everyday use by professional electricians, the MFT5000 features a full-colour backlit screen and is IP54 rated against dust and moisture ingress. The unit is supplied in a hard carry case with a removable accessory tray for secure storage and easy transport.

With the MFT5000, you can conduct insulation testing, continuity testing, loop testing, PFC/PSC testing, RCD testing, phase rotation measurement, and socket testing. It also has a customisable splash screen option for adding company branding and asset IDs. Other key features include a no-trip 3-wire test mode, a polarity test pad for identifying reverse polarity on PME systems, and a lead null function for fast and accurate continuity testing. The MFT5000 is an affordable, reliable, and efficient multifunction tester that can handle a range of environments from domestic to industrial.
In addition to its popular test instrument range, Socket & See also offers a range of accessories and testing probes that are designed to work seamlessly with its equipment. These accessories include test leads, instrument carry cases and adaptors, all of which are designed to help users get the most out of their Socket & See equipment.

Socket & See is a brand that offers excellent value in the electrical testing and measurement industry. Its products are designed to be accurate, reliable, and affordable, and are engineered to help the user get the job done safely and efficiently without breaking the bank.