• Socket & See FFCB200 UKA Easy Fuse Finder Kit
  • Socket & See DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder
  • Dual voltage operation 100 to 250 VAC (50-60Hz)
  • Simple operation by single button
  • Order code: SOC/FFCDCFKIT
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Socket & See FFCDCFKIT Fuse Finder/Dead Circuit Tracer Kit

The Socket & See FFCDCFKIT Fuse Finder/ Dead Circuit Tracer Kit offers a complete solution for accurately identifying fuses and circuits. Equipped with the FFCB200 UKA Easy Fuse Finder Kit and the DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder, this package is ideal for professionals seeking efficient and reliable tools for electrical system diagnostics.

Advanced Functionality and User-Friendly Design

The Fuse Finder features dual voltage operation ranging from 100 to 250 VAC and utilises an innovative auto scan technology that eliminates the need for manual adjustments. It is designed to work seamlessly with both circuit breakers and fuses. An audible tone and a new bargraph display provide intuitive feedback during use, simplifying the process of tracking down the right fuse or circuit. The Dead Circuit Finder simplifies operation with a single-button interface that adjusts automatically to signal strength, and combines audible and visual indications for easy identification of dead circuits.

Efficient and Safe

Both devices are self-calibrating with microprocessors that ensure accuracy without the need for external calibration. The kit includes a test lead set for easy connection to various circuits including socket outlets and lighting circuits. Safety features across the tools include short circuit warnings, low battery indications, and protection against accidental mains connection up to 440V.

Key Features
  • Dual voltage operation from 100 to 250 VAC
  • Automatic scanning for simple setup
  • Compatible with both circuit breakers and fuses
  • Audible tone and visual bargraph for easy tracking
  • Includes test leads for multiple applications
  • Self-calibrating microprocessor in each device
  • Single-button operation on the Dead Circuit Finder
  • Signal strength auto-adjustment eliminates manual tuning
  • Visual and audible indicators in Dead Circuit Finder
  • Comprehensive safety features including short circuit alert

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage range: 100-250 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Audible find tone with bargraph display
  • Protected against up to 440V mains connection
  • Auto power-off to conserve battery
  • Low battery indicator on both devices
  • Operates with or without earth connection
  • Drives long cables effectively
  • Self Check facility in Dead Circuit Finder
What’s Included
  • Socket & See FFCB200 UKA Easy Fuse Finder Kit
  • Socket & See DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder

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REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See DCF200 Datasheet
Socket & See DCF200 Manual
Socket & See FFCB200 Datasheet
Socket & See FFCDCFKIT Datasheet

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