• High accuracy no trip loop testing
  • Ramp and auto RCD testing
  • Low Ohm continuity test
  • Ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial
  • Optional custom splash screen
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Socket & See MFT5000 Multifunction Tester

The Socket & See MFT5000 is an advanced 18th Edition Multifunction Tester, expertly designed to incorporate all vital testing functionalities into one efficient, user-friendly device. Ideal for regular use in a wide array of environments, from residential to industrial, it features a high-contrast, colour-coded fascia and a bright, full-colour backlit screen for superb visibility and ease of use.

Enhancing its professional appeal, the MFT5000 offers customisable splash screens. Users can add a personal touch by displaying their name, contact details, company logo, and more, making the device not only a tool for testing but also a representation of their professional brand.

Expanding on its key features, the MFT5000 is equipped with:

  • Selectable insulation testing ranges (250V, 500V, 1000V) for versatile applications.
  • High current 2-wire and low-trip 3-wire loop testing modes to assess Line-Neutral and Line-Earth loop impedances.
  • Simple PFC / PSC measurement display following loop tests.
  • Comprehensive RCD testing with multiple selectable types and automated 30mA test for easy pass/fail assessment.
  • Ramp Test for diagnosing nuisance tripping by identifying RCD tripping levels.
  • Automatic phase rotation detection when connected to a three-phase supply.
  • Efficient socket testing function for quick wiring checks.
  • Polarity Test Pad for identifying rare but dangerous reverse polarity situations.
  • Precise continuity testing with lead null function for accurate resistance measurements.

The Socket & See MFT5000 stands as a quintessential tool for electrical professionals, combining precision, functionality, and safety in a single, compact package.

MFT5000 Test Sequences
Insulation Testing

Selectable ranges 250V / 500V and 1000V. The current and voltage are measured and the external resistance calculated and displayed.

Loop Testing

High current 2 wire test mode enables the user to test the true impedance of both the Line-Neutral Loop and the Line-Earth loop and therefore to establish both the PSC (prospective short circuit current) and the PFC (prospective fault current) for the installation

No trip 3 wire test mode generates a current that is too low to trip an RCD on an otherwise healthy circuit.  The No Trip test is a 3-wire test that also checks the Live, Neutral/Earth conductors are correctly connected before running the loop test.


Result displayed by pressing the PFC / PSC button after a loop test (High Current and No Trip)

RCD Testing

Individually selectable 30mA / 100mA / 300mA and 500mA (Type AC/A) and 100mA / 300mA (Type ACS / AS).

30mA Auto test – The unit will conduct all six required tests at a single touch of a button. Then when the RCD under test “trips” reset the RCD and continue to do so until the test procedure is complete. Clear PASS / FAIL indication provided on screen.

Ramp Test – Gradually increases the fault current and identifies the level of additional leakage at which the RCD trips. Useful for diagnostic testing of circuits where nuisance tripping is a problem and helps to identify the difference between an over sensitive RCD and excessive leakage from poor insulation, or equipment with high leakage.

Phase Rotation

The MFT5000 automatically displays phase rotation when all three test leads are connected to a three-phase supply. During this measurement, it actively checks the amplitudes and phase angles of the three inputs L1, L2, L3 against set limits to accommodate mild unbalance conditions. For normal rotation, where L2 lags L1, the device shows the indication 1-2-3. In cases of reverse rotation, where L2 leads L1, it displays 3-2-1.

The MFT5000 will display .1 .2 .3 or .3 .2 .1 depending on the direction of phase rotation.

Socket Testing

Perform a quick and easy check of a sockets wiring condition.

Polarity Test Pad

Test for and identify rare reverse polarity (Live ‘Phase’ to earth/neutral and earth/neutral to Live ‘Phase’. A potentially dangerous condition that conventional loop testers may not highlight.

Continuity Test

Establish the resistance of the circuit under test. Lead null function for fast and accurate measurement.

What’s Included
  • Socket & See MFT5000 multifunction tester
  • 3 wire test lead set including croc clips and probes
  • Pro lead: 3 x 4mm to 13A 3 pin UK plug
  • Remote switched probe
  • Shoulder strap
  • Hard carry case
  • Printed instruction manual
  • Calibration certificate

Product Downloads

REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See MFT5000 Calibration Certificate
Socket & See MFT5000 User Manual
Socket & See MFT5000 Datasheet

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