• Patented no-trip loop test technology
  • Fully protected against accidental phase to phase connection
  • Accurate mains voltage measurement to latest BS 7697, HD 472 S1
  • Built in proven SOK 32 correct wiring indication
  • Order code: SOC/PDL234
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Socket & See PDL234 Plus Part P Loop Testing Kit

The Socket & See PDL234 Plus Part P Loop Testing Kit is the professional’s choice for comprehensive electrical safety testing. Ideal for anyone involved in earth loop testing as per Part P or the 17th Edition wiring regulations, this 4-in-1 device streamlines testing of loop impedance, mains voltage, wiring correctness, and polarity. Engineered with patented no-trip technology for loop testing, this kit ensures seamless operation without risking the tripping of electrical systems. Each set includes a fused test lead kit that adheres to the latest GS38 safety standards, enhancing safety for users.

Precision and Protection

This multifunctional tester is specifically designed to offer accuracy and safety. The Socket & See PDL234 Plus measures mains voltage with precision in compliance with BS 7697 and HD 472 S1, guaranteeing reliable results. It’s also fully safeguarded against accidental phase-to-phase connections, ensuring user and system safety. The tester includes the built-in SOK 32 correct wiring indication and a unique polarity test that together provide an unparalleled safety check of the overall system.

Used by the Experts

Endorsed by over 8000 British Gas Service Engineers, the Socket & See PDL234 Plus is a trusted tool in the industry. Whether you are a seasoned engineer or a newcomer to electrical installations, this kit, complete with its easy-to-understand instruction manual and durable carrying case, makes an indispensable addition to your toolkit.

Key Features
  • 4-in-1 functionality: tests loop, voltage, wiring, and polarity
  • Patented no-trip technology for safe loop testing
  • Complete with fused test lead set
  • Compliant with BS 7697 and HD 472 S1 for voltage measurements
  • Built-in SOK 32 for correct wiring indication
  • Unique polarity test for comprehensive safety checks
  • Fully protected against phase-to-phase connections
  • Used by over 8000 British Gas engineers
  • Includes GS38 compliant fused test lead set
  • Comes with a durable carrying case for easy transport

Technical Specifications
  • Loop test technology: Patented no-trip
  • Safety compliance: GS38, BS 7697, HD 472 S1
  • Wiring indication: SOK 32 built-in
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: Compliant with BS standards
  • Phase protection: Full protection against phase-to-phase connection

What’s Included
  • Socket & See PDL234
  • ITLS400 – Fused Test Lead Set
  • IECP UKA – 13a Plug to IEC Female Connector
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carry Case

Product Downloads

Reach Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See PDL234 Datasheet
Socket & See PDL234 Manual

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