Socket & See Smart Meter Installation Kit


  • Complete solution for Smart Metering Installation engineers
  • VIP ESI with auto ghost voltage suppression and Hiz / Loz indication
  • SP400 proving device can also prove non contact voltage detectors
  • EPF PRO utilises capacitive coupling for consistent indication
  • SOK32 indicates correct and 17 other fault conditions.
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The Socket & See Smart Meter Installation Kit is an advanced, complete solution for all smart meter installation engineers. This kit from Socket & See ensures safe isolation procedures are carried out at every installation.

What’s in the kit…

Socket & See VIP ESI 2 – Pole Voltage Indicator
Socket & See EPF PRO Hazardous Voltage and Phase Finder
Socket & See SP400 Professional Proving Unit
Socket & See VVD PRO Vibrating and Visual Non Contact Voltage Detector
Socket & See SOK32 Socket Testers
Socket & See TECC2 Soft Carry Case
Designed specifically for the smart metering engineer with automatic ghost voltage suppression and HiZ / LoZ indication (glow test). The VIP ESI also features colour coded LED indication on the front and on the base of the unit. The prods are interchangeable, either straight or right angled to make testing easier in awkward situations and VIP ESI can be used with insulated gauntlets. Dual insulated wear indicating cable provides additional safety for the user.

Operating range of 50 – 600V AC. Visual and audible ‘heartbeat’ indicate batteries and electronics are working correctly. Upon detecting a voltage, an audible tone can be heard and the tip of the unit glows red thanks to a super bright LED. Capacitive coupling provides consistent indication when the unit is held at any point along its handle.

True AC output at 50Hz DC component. Ranges from 50 to 690V with ramp up and down feature and bright LED indication. Can also be used to prove none contact voltage detectors and check the continuity feature on some 2 pole testers.

Operating range 50 – 1000V AC. CAT IV rated 1000V to earth. Vibrates and flashes upon detection of voltages between 50 – 1000V AC. Includes handy LED flashlight.

Displays correct and 17 other fault conditions. Self test feature to check internal electronics are working correctly. Green LED and constant tone indicate correct wiring. Red / orange LED and warbling tone indicate a fault is present and where.

A soft and durable carry case that houses all the components of the Socket & See Smart Meter Installation Kit. It features a front pouch to accommodate the SP400 Proving Unit, meaning the unit does not need removing when being used. The TECC2 also includes a detachable neck strap and belt loop.

The Socket & See Smart Meter Installation Kit is a complete solution for the safe isolation procedures required for smart meter installation.

All relevant product manuals are included for each product that features in the kit.

Product Downloads

REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See Smart Meter Installation Kit