• Complete solution for Smart Metering Installation engineers
  • VIP ESI with auto ghost voltage suppression and Hiz / Loz indication
  • SP400 proving device can also prove non contact voltage detectors
  • EPF PRO utilises capacitive coupling for consistent indication
  • SOK32 indicates correct and 17 other fault conditions.
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Socket & See Smart Meter Installation Kit

The Socket & See Smart Meter Installation Kit stands as an indispensable, comprehensive toolkit tailored for smart meter installation engineers. Emphasising safety and efficiency, this kit streamlines the isolation procedures required in installations. Within the kit is the VIP ESI 2 Pole Voltage Indicator, meticulously designed for smart metering engineers. It boasts automatic ghost voltage suppression, HiZ/LoZ indication, and colour-coded LEDs for straightforward interpretation. The versatile prods, suitable for both straight and angled use, facilitate testing in complex positions and are compatible with insulated gauntlets.

Also included is the EPF PRO Hazardous Voltage and Phase Finder, functioning efficiently between 50 – 600V AC. It features a unique visual and audible ‘heartbeat’, verifying the operational status of batteries and electronics. The unit’s super bright LED aids in clear voltage detection.

The SP400 Professional Proving Unit, another key component, delivers a true AC output across 50 to 690V. It’s essential for validating non-contact voltage detectors and examining the continuity features in certain 2 pole testers.

For detecting voltages without contact, the VVD PRO is unmatched. Operating within a 50 – 1000V AC range and boasting a CAT IV 1000V to earth rating, it vibrates and flashes upon voltage detection, and comes with an integrated LED flashlight.

The SOK32 Socket Testers excel in diagnosing wiring conditions, displaying both correct and 17 fault conditions. Its self-test feature ensures the internal electronics are functioning correctly.

Completing the kit is the Safe Case, a robust and well-crafted carry case, providing a secure and organised storage solution for all these tools. Each item in the kit is accompanied by a comprehensive manual, guaranteeing correct usage and enhanced safety.

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Socket & See Smart Meter Installation Kit

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