• Socket & See SOK40 and ADP40 32A adaptor
  • Test both 16A and 32A industrial sockets
  • Soft carry case included
  • Order code: SOC/SOK230KIT
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Socket & See SOK230 Industrial Socket Tester Kit

The Socket & See SOK230 KIT Industrial Socket Tester Kit stands as the ultimate solution for professionals seeking to efficiently test both 16A and 32A industrial sockets. This kit is specifically designed to cater to the needs of testing 230V, 3 pin systems, ensuring a high level of accuracy and reliability. With its inclusion of the SOK40 industrial socket tester and the ADP40 adaptor, this kit simplifies the testing process, making it quicker and more effective.

Enhanced Testing with Ease

Ease of use and convenience are at the heart of the Socket & See SOK230 KIT. The kit not only allows for the testing of 16A and 32A industrial sockets but also comes packaged in a durable Socket & See TECC10 carry case, making it easy to transport and store. The comprehensive nature of this kit means that users have everything they need for complete testing solutions at their fingertips, reducing the need for multiple tools and equipment.

Key Features
  • Tests both 16A and 32A industrial sockets
  • Suitable for 230V 3 pin systems
  • Includes the SOK40 socket tester
  • Features the ADP40 32A adaptor
  • Comes with a durable TECC10 carry case
  • Simplifies the testing process
  • Ensures high accuracy and reliability
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Complete testing solution in one kit

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage compatibility: 230V
  • Socket compatibility: 16A and 32A, 3 pin
  • Tester model: SOK40
  • Adaptor model: ADP40
  • Carry case model: TECC10
What’s Included
  • Socket & See SOK40 Industrial Socket Tester
  • Socket & See ADP40 adaptor for 32A sockets
  • Socket & See TECC10 Soft Carry Case


Product Downloads

REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See SOK230KIT Datasheet
Socket & See SOK40 Industrial Socket Tester
SOK ADP40 Datasheet

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