Who are we?

Socket & See

Through consistent contact with Electricians, Engineers and Gas Installation engineers, Socket & See products have been around since 1998 and are designed with both professional and newly-qualified tradespeople in mind.

We started with 3 simple Socket Testers and a vision to develop a range of ‘easy-to-use’, innovative products which our customers could use straight from the box!

The initial principles still stand firm today, all our products have to be - simple to operate, of great quality, innovative, time-saving and cost-effective.

Socket & See - First With

  1. 1. Socket Testers with tri-coloured LED’s for clear fault identification
  2. 2. Automatic Fuse Finding technology
  3. 3. Simple LED Loop Testing equipment specifically designed for the GAS industry
  4. 4. 13A BS1363 plug in Earth Loop Impedance Testing
  5. 5. Non-tripping calibration Check Boxes
  6. 6. Easy to use BS7671 compliant Installation Test Equipment
  7. 7. Time-saving socket interface and lighting adapters
  8. 8. Unique contact phase testing equipment
  9. 9. True AC Voltage proving units
  10. 10. Two-pole Safety Testers with Hi and LoZ indication for SMART Meter engineers

Meet The Team:

Kevin Rushton
Commercial Manager and Resale
Over 15 years in the Electrical Test & Measurement industry, Kevin provides direction for the brand and is responsible for the Socket & See distribution network as well as the UK business.

Andrew Spooner
Technical Applications Engineer
A wealth of experience with an electronics bias, Andrew is responsible for the ‘day-to-day’ technical support of the Socket & See range. The ‘Go-To’ man for Technical Assistance.

George Firth
Resale Account Coordinator
George is internally responsible for the ‘goings-on’ within the Socket & See business and makes sure that what we promise happens and what we need to do gets done!