• Offers bright, easy to read LED’s, Clear Audible Indication and Error Free testing.
  • Automatically adjusts to received signal strength no fiddly volume wheels or range buttons.
  • Simple operation by single button.
  • Order code: SOC/DCF200MULTI
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Socket & See DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder

The Socket & See DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder revolutionises the way electricians and DIY enthusiasts approach electrical diagnostics. With its user-friendly design, the DCF200 makes it incredibly easy to locate dead circuits, trace wires, and identify faults with precision and speed. The device consists of two main components: a receiver and a transmitter, both designed for simplicity and efficiency in operation.

Receiver & Transmitter: A Symphony of Simplicity and Power

The receiver is engineered for hassle-free use with a single button operation. It features advanced technology that automatically adjusts to the strength of the received signal, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. The dual audible and visual indications ensure clear and unmistakable feedback, while the auto power-off function and low battery indication add to its convenience and reliability. The self-check facility further enhances its functionality, ensuring error-free testing every time.

On the other hand, the transmitter is equally simple to operate and is battery-powered, meaning it’s always ready for use without the need for a mains supply. It is capable of driving long cables and works with or without an earth connection. Safety is paramount, with built-in protection against short circuits and accidental mains connections up to 440V. This makes the DCF200 not just powerful, but also a safe companion for any electrical task.

Versatility Across Applications

Whether it’s locating the correct fuse for a dead circuit, tracing wires through floors and walls, picking the right wire from a bundle, or detecting a break in a wire, the DCF200 excels with its versatile applications. It can trace cables up to 50cm away and operates on a 9V cell for both the transmitter and receiver, making it a 4-way product that’s simple to use and highly effective.

Receiver Features
  • Simple operation by single button
  • Automatically adjusts to received signal strength no fiddly volume wheels or range buttons
  • Dual audible/visual indication
  • Auto power-off
  • Low battery indication
  • Self Check facility

Transmitter Features
  • Simple operation by single button
  • Battery powered – does not use mains supply
  • Auto power-off
  • Low battery indication
  • Drives long cables
  • Works with or without an earth
  • Warning of short circuit or potentially hazardous voltages
  • Protected against accidental mains connection up to 440V

  • Fuse Finding – find which fuse is feeding the dead circuit
  • Wire Tracing – trace wires through floors and walls
  • Wire Picking – pick the correct wire from a bundle or loom
  • Wire break detection – locate a break in a wire
  • Find a circuit by identifying the individual conductor
  • Trace cables up to 50cm away
  • Internal battery, 9V cell operation for both transmitter and receiver
  • 4 – Way product – Simple to use

What’s Included
  • Socket & See DCF200 Transmitter
  • DCF200 Receiver
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carry Case


Product Downloads

REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See DCF200 Datasheet
Socket & See DCF200 Manual

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