• Prove 2-pole voltage indicators, multimeters and test lamps
  • The first AC waveform generating proving unit for accurate testing
  • Compact design for routine safety checks and safe site use
  • Automatic test function to save batteries
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Socket & See ISOKIT215 Safe Isolation Kit

The ISOKIT215 is a comprehensive safe isolation kit that includes two essential tools for safe and efficient voltage testing. The Socket & See VIP150 Voltage Tester is a battery-free and compact voltage tester designed to measure AC and DC voltages in six steps.

The device meets the strictest safety standards, including CAT IV 600V, BS EN61010, and HSE GS38. It includes a wear-indicating silicone lead for added protection and is compatible with the SP200 and SP400 proving units. The SAFE CASE has two compartments, with a clear front and pre-cut holes that allow easy access to the proving unit without removing it from the case.

The Socket & See SP200 Professional Proving Unit is a compact and portable device that meets SEN6100 safety standards and is designed to comply with the best practice guidelines. It is an affordable and convenient way to verify the safe operation of two pole voltage testers, including test lamps and multimeters. The SP200 has a battery-powered design and provides a reliable solution for checking the accuracy of voltage testing tools before and after use.

The ISO KIT 215 is an ideal solution for electricians, contractors, and anyone who works with electricity. It provides a complete and reliable solution for voltage testing, allowing users to verify the accuracy and safety of their testing tools quickly and easily. The kit’s compact design and included SAFE CASE make it easy to transport and use on the job site. Whether you need to perform quick checks or more in-depth testing, the Socket & See ISOKIT215 has everything you need to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive safe isolation kit with Socket & See VIP150 Voltage Tester and SP200 Proving Unit
  • Battery-free and compact voltage tester for AC and DC voltage measurement
  • Meets strict safety standards: CAT IV 600V, BS EN61010, HSE GS38
  • Features wear-indicating silicone lead and compatible with SP200 and SP400 proving units
  • SAFE CASE with two compartments, clear front, and pre-cut holes for easy access to the proving unit
  • Portable and compact SP200 Professional Proving Unit for verifying safe operation of voltage testers
  • Meets SEN6100 safety standards and battery-powered design
  • Affordably and conveniently verifies accuracy of voltage testing tools
  • Ideal solution for electricians, contractors, and anyone working with electricity
  • Complete and reliable solution for voltage testing, ensuring accuracy and safety
  • Easy to transport and use on job sites with included SAFE CASE
  • Perfect for quick checks and more in-depth testing
  • Ensure accurate and safe voltage testing with ISOKIT 215.

What’s Included
  • VIP150 Voltage Tester
  • SP200 Proving Unit
  • Safe Case


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