• Ideal all-in-one test kit for electricians and contractors
  • Units boast ergonomic and lightweight designs
  • Cost-effective voltage testing and safe isolation solution
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Socket & See ISOKIT220 Safe Isolation Kit

The Socket & See ISO KIT 220 is a complete testing kit for electrical contractors and electricians. It includes the Socket & See VIP200 Voltage Indicator and the SP200 Proving Unit, which are essential devices for assessing electrical systems and ensuring safety compliance.

The VIP200 is a versatile voltage indicator with advanced features like continuity testing, phase rotation detection, and single-pole testing. It can detect AC voltages from 100VAC and perform two-pole voltage indication without batteries. Compliant with safety standards, it is ideal for three-phase systems.

The SP200 Proving Unit guarantees the precision of multimeters and voltage indicators. It integrates seamlessly with Socket & See testers and produces authentic AC waveforms. With its compact design, it is suitable for individuals working with hazardous electrical systems.

The kit also includes a sturdy SAFE CASE for secure storage and transportation. It eliminates worries about damage or misplacement during transit.

Professionals involved in electrical system installation, maintenance, and repair should consider the ISO KIT 220 for its safety features. The VIP200 and SP200 comply with safety standards, and the SAFE CASE provides reliable equipment transportation.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive kit for electrical testing
  • Includes VIP200 Voltage Indicator and SP200 Proving Unit
  • VIP200 offers advanced features including continuity and phase rotation testing
  • VIP200 detects AC voltages starting from 100VAC
  • Two-pole voltage indication possible without batteries
  • SP200 ensures accuracy of electrical testing tools
  • Produces authentic AC waveforms
  • Sturdy SAFE CASE included for protection and transport
  • Meets safety standards for electrical testing
  • Ideal for use in hazardous electrical environments

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage detection range starts at 100VAC
  • Voltage indicator with battery-free operation
  • Features phase rotation and continuity testing capabilities
  • Proving unit compatible with various multimeters and testers
  • SAFE CASE for durable and secure equipment handling
  • Compliant with essential safety standards for electrical testing

What’s Included
  • VIP200 Two-Pole Voltage Tester
  • SP200 Proving Unit
  • Safe Case


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REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See ISOKIT220 Datasheet

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