• One click system.
  • Compatible with all loop and RCD testers using a standard IEC mains input socket.
  • Uses the new harmonised mains colours of brown and blue.
  • Strain relief is in red and black to give a reminder of the changes.
  • Order code: SOC/ITLS400
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Socket & See ITLS400A Fused Test Lead Set

Experience superior safety and efficiency with the Socket & See ITLS400A Fused Test Lead Set. Designed for compatibility with all loop and RCD testers featuring a standard IEC mains input socket, this set offers high protection with integrated 10A fuses in each wire. The new harmonised mains colours of brown and blue, coupled with red and black strain reliefs, ensure easy identification and compliance with wiring standards. With its one-click system, the fuse remains securely in place, eliminating the hassle of interchange between probe and crocodile clip.

Featuring high-performance crocodile clips for consistent testing, this set also includes a piggyback arrangement on the earth lead for convenient two-wire testing. The inclusion of a 3-wire distribution board lead and an IEC mains connector enhances versatility and usability. With green lead piggyback connector facility, two-wire testing becomes seamless. Robust construction ensures durability for regular use, making it an indispensable tool for electricians and technicians.

Key Features
  • Integrated 10A fuses in each wire
  • High-performance crocodile clips
  • Piggyback arrangement on earth lead for two-wire testing
  • 3-wire distribution board lead included
  • IEC mains connector
  • Green lead with piggyback connector facility
  • Robust construction for durability
  • Harmonised brown/blue colours with red/black strain reliefs
  • One-click system for fuse stability
  • Compatible with loop/RCD testers with standard IEC mains input

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage Rating: 600V Cat IV, 1000V Cat III
  • Wire Colour: Brown/Blue/Green
  • Strain Relief Colour: Red/Black
  • Fuse Rating: 10A

What’s Included
  • Socket & See ITLS400A Fused Test Leads

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