• Socket & See LOCKKIT220 enhances electrical safety
  • Includes VIP200 Voltage Tester and SP200 Proving Unit
  • LOCK PACK ensures secure testing procedures
  • Reliable performance in any testing environment
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Socket & See LOCKKIT220 Safe Isolation & LOTO Kit

The Socket & See LOCKKIT220 offers an advanced safety solution for your electrical testing needs. It includes the VIP200 Voltage Tester, meeting stringent safety standards such as CAT IV 600V, BS EN61010, and HSE GS38. With precise AC and DC voltage measurement capabilities across six calibrated steps, the VIP200 ensures confidence in your testing procedures.

Paired with the sturdy SAFE CASE, the Socket & See SP200 Professional Proving Unit guarantees secure operation and protection for your essential testing tools. The LOCK PACK, featuring three customizable locking devices with 3-digit combinations, provides a cost-effective solution for preventing inadvertent energization of electrical installations.

Featuring comprehensive functionality, the VIP200 offers continuity testing, phase rotation analysis, and a single-pole test feature. Its Auto Test function ensures battery integrity, providing consistent performance in every testing scenario. Whether you’re an electrician or engineer, the Socket & See LOCKKIT220 empowers you to execute electrical tests with utmost confidence and security.

Key Features
  • VIP200 Voltage Tester meets CAT IV 600V, BS EN61010, and HSE GS38 standards
  • Accurate AC and DC voltage measurement across six calibrated steps
  • Socket & See SP200 Professional Proving Unit ensures secure operation of testing tools
  • Robust SAFE CASE protects essential equipment from damage
  • LOCK PACK with customizable 3-digit combinations prevents accidental energization
  • Comprehensive functionality includes continuity testing and phase rotation analysis
  • Single-pole test feature detects AC voltages from 100VAC
  • Auto Test function ensures battery integrity for consistent performance
  • Intuitively designed instruments for easy operation in various testing environments
  • Compact and portable for convenient transportation to job sites
What’s Included
  • Socket & See SP200 Proving Unit
  • Socket & See VIP200 Two-Pole Voltage Indicator
  • Socket & See LOCK PACK LOTO Kit
  • Safe Case

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