• VIP150 Voltage Tester ensures precise AC/DC measurements; complies with CAT IV 600V, BS EN61010, HSE GS38.
  • SP400 Proving Unit complements VIP150 for accurate, safe testing.
  • Customisable LOCK PACK with three 3-digit combination locks enhances security.
  • Features include continuity testing, phase rotation, and Auto Test for optimal battery performance.
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Socket & See LOCKKIT415 Safe Isolation & LOTO Kit

The Socket & See LOCKKIT415 stands at the forefront of safety and reliability for electrical testing, embodying an essential toolkit for professionals. At its heart, the VIP150 Voltage Tester, built to conform with rigorous safety norms including CAT IV 600V, BS EN61010, and HSE GS38, offers precise measurement of AC and DC voltages across six calibrated steps. This capacity ensures accuracy and confidence in all testing activities.

Encased within the durable SAFE CASE, the Socket & See SP400 Professional Proving Unit complements the VIP150, safeguarding the valuable testing instruments against damage under any conditions. This synergistic pairing instils a sense of security, knowing your tools are well-protected and operational efficiency is maintained.

Integral to the LOCKKIT415, the LOCK PACK introduces three customizable locking devices, each equipped with a unique 3-digit combination. This affordable addition forms a robust barrier against accidental energization of electrical systems, bolstering safety and compliance with the highest standards in every operational setting.

The VIP150 unfolds a comprehensive suite of features, including continuity testing, phase rotation analysis, and a single-pole test function. Its Auto Test function ensures the tester’s batteries are always in peak condition, enabling reliable and consistent performance that professionals can trust in their daily testing tasks.

Designed for electricians and engineers, the Socket & See LOCKKIT415 enables thorough and secure electrical testing with an unmatched level of confidence. Every component is crafted to adhere to the most stringent safety requirements, offering a complete solution that ensures peace of mind and reliability in electrical testing, making it an indispensable companion for professionals in the field.

Key Features
  • VIP150 Voltage Tester complies with CAT IV 600V, BS EN61010, HSE GS38
  • Measures AC/DC voltage from 6V to 400V over six steps
  • SAFE CASE offers robust protection for testing instruments
  • SP400 Proving Unit enables secure and precise testing
  • LOCK PACK features three customisable 3-digit combination locks
  • Includes continuity, phase rotation analysis, and single-pole testing
  • Auto Test function ensures reliable battery performance
  • Suited for electricians and engineers seeking reliable testing
  • Compact design facilitates access to difficult-to-reach terminals
  • Operates without batteries for added convenience in the VIP150

What’s Included
  • VIP150 Voltage Tester
  • SP400 Professional Proving Unit
  • SAFE CASE for equipment protection
  • LOCK PACK with three customisable combination locks


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