• Allows easy, safe connection to light fittings
  • The fastest way to check insulation/continuity/loop/polarity
  • High quality low ohM 4mm connectors
  • Safer and saves time: leave the light fitting in place
  • Order code: SOC/LTKIT10
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Socket & See LTKIT10 Lamp Test Adaptor Kit

The Socket & See LTKIT10 Lamp Test Adaptor Kit streamlines the process of testing light fittings without the need to dismantle them. Comprising five adaptors, this kit enables electricians to establish a quick, safe, and solid connection to various light fittings for essential tests including insulation, continuity, loop, and polarity checks. The adaptors provided are suitable for use with Bayonet, GU10, Small Edison Screw, Small Bayonet, and Edison Screw fittings, making this kit highly versatile.

Engineered for Efficiency and Safety

Time efficiency is paramount with this kit as it allows the light fittings to stay in place, eliminating the hassle of removing fixtures, which is particularly beneficial in awkward or high locations. The high-quality, low-ohm 4mm connectors ensure a dependable connection that can endure regular use, and the hands-free testing feature enhances safety and convenience for electricians. Each adaptor is designed to prevent any damage to the light fittings, thus preserving the integrity and aesthetics of the installation area.

The kit is neatly packaged in a protective carrier pouch, complete with two 120cm, 4mm test leads, ready to be used for any task whether in residential or commercial settings. The adaptors and leads are well-organised making them easy to store and transport, ensuring they are protected when not in use.

Key Features
  • Simplifies connection to light fittings for testing
  • Enables testing without removing the light fixtures
  • Includes five adaptors for various fitting types
  • Facilitates quick and safe testing procedures
  • High-quality 4mm low-resistance connectors
  • Ensures robust and secure connections
  • Hands-free testing capability increases safety
  • Ideal for use in hard-to-reach places
  • Prevents damage to light fittings during testing
  • Comes with durable 120cm test leads
  • Protective carry pouch enhances portability and storage

Technical Specifications
  • Adaptor Types: Bayonet, GU10, Small Edison Screw, Small Bayonet, Edison Screw
  • Connector Type: 4mm low-ohm
  • Lead Length: 120cm
  • Number of Leads: 2
  • Pouch: Protective carrier included
  • Safety Feature: Hands-free testing capability

What’s Included
  • Bayonet Fitting
  • GU10
  • Small Edison Screw
  • Small Bayonet Fitting
  • Edison Screw Fitting
  • 2 x 120cm
  • 4mm Test Leads
  • Protective Carrier Pouch


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REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See LTKIT10 Datasheet

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