• Tests most commonly found RCD types (AC, A, ACS)
  • Simple auto test for 30mA RCDs
  • Ramp test for convenience
  • Order code: SOC/RCD PRO
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Socket & See RCD PRO

The RCD PRO, a digital RCD tester, actively tests the most commonly encountered RCDs to the latest standards. It includes testing for standard (AC) type, selective (ACS) type, and A type RCDs.

Sharing many features with advanced, pricier multifunction testers, the Socket & See RCD PRO offers ramp and auto testing. It also provides advanced features like hands-free operation and a built-in polarity test pad, enhancing user convenience and safety.

Encased in a robust rubber boot and featuring a large backlit screen, the RCD PRO stands out as a ‘go anywhere’ tool, built to withstand frequent use. Its smooth rotary dial and large buttons ensure ease of use, even for gloved hands. Moreover, maintaining the RCD PRO is straightforward – just use a clean damp cloth and mild detergent.

Socket & See RCD PRO Test Sequences
30mA Auto Test

This test, suitable for A and AC type RCDs, checks the mains for correct polarity and voltage. If the parameters are right, the Volts Present LED turns green, allowing the test to proceed. Upon pressing the test button, the auto test performs X½, x1, and x5 tests at both 0º and 180º automatically. Users can view the results by toggling through them with the recall button.

RCD Manual Testing

First, select the desired RCD type using the rotary dial. Next, choose the test current with the multiplier button. If the mains polarity and voltage are correct, indicated by the green volts present LED, a test can be initiated by pressing the test button. The first test occurs at 0º, with the tester automatically cycling to 180° for subsequent tests.

Ramp Test

This test gradually increases the leakage level instead of applying a set test current, determining the current at which the RCD trips.

After selecting the RCD type and the ramp feature using the rotary dial and multiplier button, ensure the green volts present LED is on, indicating correct mains polarity and voltage. Press the test button to start the test, which will display the leakage current at which the RCD tripped, along with a pass or fail indication.

Hands Free

The Hands-Free function, applicable to any RCD test, starts by selecting the RCD type on the rotary dial and pressing the Hands Free button. Once connected and with confirmed correct voltage and polarity, an RCD test will be conducted automatically without needing to press the TEST button.

Polarity Test Pad

This feature addresses the little-known issue of reverse wiring in systems, where Live (Phase) connects to earth/neutral and vice versa. Despite this dangerous condition, conventional testers might incorrectly indicate that everything is correct.

The Socket & See RCD PRO complies fully with BS EN 61010 and BS EN 61557 standards, and meets EMC compliance as per BS EN 61326.

Key Features
  • Tests most commonly found RCD types (AC, A, ACS)
  • Simple auto test for 30mA RCDs
  • Ramp test for convenience
  • x½ , x1 test on all RCD types
  • x5 test on 30mA RCD’s
  • Auto 0º – 180º toggle
  • AC Voltage VLN
  • Distribution network operator polarity test pad
  • Result Recall
  • Hands free function
  • Polarity, voltage present LED
  • Auto switch off function for battery preservation.


What’s Included
  • Socket & See RCD PRO
  • Socket & See RCD PRO manual
  • Mains lead with 3 x 4mm connectors
  • Magnetic hanging strap
  • 4 x AA alkaline batteries

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Reach Certificate of Compliance
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Socket & See RCD PRO Datasheet
Socket & See RCD PRO Manual

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