• Simple-to-use socket and incoming polarity tester
  • Designed for electricity distribution companies to indicate cross polarities of the incoming customer supply
  • Provides reliable and accurate results for easy identification of cross polarities
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Socket & See SOK DSO True Polarity Tester

The SOK DSO is an essential tool for electricity distribution companies in detecting cross polarities in the customer supply. Its unique TruPol feature ensures accurate results by requiring users to press the test button to establish a ground reference before conducting tests. This eliminates any possibility of user error and provides reliable indications.

The SOK DSO is particularly effective in quickly and safely detecting reversed Live/Neutral on PME systems. This fault is often not easily noticeable by other means, making the SOK DSO a valuable asset for identifying hidden electrical issues.

Furthermore, the SOK DSO serves as a socket tester, offering visual and audible indications of up to 19 possible wiring conditions. This comprehensive testing capability allows for thorough analysis of electrical connections. Faults are accompanied by a strong warbling tone, ensuring quick identification, while good wiring is indicated by a continuous tone. The combination of visual and audible cues makes it easy for users to promptly detect abnormalities in the system, thereby preventing potential accidents and complications.

With its modern design and reliable performance, the SOK DSO is an indispensable tool that electricity distribution companies can rely on to ensure the safety and efficiency of the distribution network.

Key Features
  • Clear indication of DSO cross polarity
  • Visual and audible feedback
  • Indication of up to 19 wiring conditions
  • Logical and simple ‘Green for Go’ LED indication
  • Detection of reversed Live/Neutral on PME system
  • One-button operation
  • Continuous tone for good wiring
  • Warbling tone for faults
  • User-provided ground reference with button press

What’s Included
  • Socket & See SOK DSO True Polarity Tester