• Socket & See SOK60 and ADP60 32A adaptor
  • Test both 16A and 32A industrial sockets
  • Soft carry case included
  • Order code: SOC/SOK400KIT4P
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Socket & See SOK400KIT4P Industrial Socket Tester Kit

The Socket & See SOK400KIT4P Industrial Socket Tester Kit is expertly engineered to assess the functionality and safety of 400V, 4-pin industrial sockets, catering to both 16A and 32A specifications. This all-inclusive kit is indispensable for electricians aiming to ensure installations meet stringent electrical standards. With a focus on ease of use, it includes a robust socket tester and a versatile adapter, all neatly packed in a durable soft carry case.

Precision Testing Capabilities

The kit features the Socket & See SOK60 Industrial Socket Tester, which showcases a bright LED display for immediate fault diagnosis and wiring correctness. It assesses crucial factors such as earth loop impedance, earth continuity, and insulation resistance, thereby confirming the operational safety of the sockets. The inclusion of the Socket & See ADP60 adaptor makes it straightforward to switch between 16A and 32A sockets, enhancing the tester’s versatility without the need for additional tools.

Key Features
  • Designed for 400V, 4-pin industrial sockets
  • Tests both 16A and 32A configurations
  • Includes SOK60 Industrial Socket Tester
  • Comes with ADP60 adaptor for easy conversion
  • Features bright LED fault indication
  • Ensures earth loop impedance testing
  • Tests earth continuity and insulation resistance
  • Packaged in a TECC10 Soft Carry Case
  • Quick fault detection and diagnostics
  • Essential tool for professional electricians

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage compatibility: 400V
  • Socket pin configuration: 4 pin
  • Amperage testing: 16A and 32A
  • Display type: LED
  • Tests included: Earth loop impedance, earth continuity, insulation resistance
  • Case type: Soft carry case

What’s Included
  • Socket & See SOK60 Industrial Socket Tester
  • Socket & See ADP60 adaptor for 32A sockets
  • Socket & See TECC10 Soft Carry Case

Product Downloads

REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See SOK400KIT4P Datasheet
Socket & See SOK60 Industrial Socket Tester Datasheet
SOK ADP60 Datasheet

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