• Socket & See SOK65 and ADP65 32A adaptor
  • Test both 16A and 32A industrial sockets
  • Soft carry case included
  • Order code: SOC/SOK400KIT5P
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Socket & See SOK400KIT5P Industrial Socket Tester Kit

The Socket & See SOK400KIT5P Industrial Socket Tester Kit is designed to deliver thorough and reliable testing of 400V, 5-pin industrial sockets for both 16A and 32A types. It is an essential tool for professionals in the electrical field who need to ensure that installations comply with safety standards. The kit includes a highly effective socket tester and an adapter for seamless connectivity, all housed in a sturdy soft carry case.

Advanced Testing Functionality

Equipped with the Socket & See SOK65 Industrial Socket Tester, this kit uses a vivid LED display to indicate wiring status and identify any electrical faults quickly. The tester checks for key safety parameters such as earth loop impedance, earth continuity, and insulation resistance, guaranteeing that the sockets are safe and functioning correctly. The Socket & See ADP65 adapter included allows easy adaptation between 16A and 32A sockets, making this kit a versatile choice for handling various testing needs.

Key Features
  • Compatible with 400V, 5-pin industrial sockets
  • Capable of testing both 16A and 32A sockets
  • Includes the SOK65 Industrial Socket Tester
  • ADP65 adapter for effortless conversion included
  • Equipped with a clear LED fault indicator
  • Conducts earth loop impedance testing
  • Measures earth continuity and insulation resistance
  • Enclosed in a TECC40 Soft Carry Case
  • Provides rapid diagnostics and fault detection
  • Crucial for professional electricians

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage compatibility: 400V
  • Socket pin configuration: 5 pin
  • Amperage options: 16A and 32A
  • Display: LED
  • Testing capabilities: Earth loop impedance, earth continuity, insulation resistance
  • Case: Soft carry case

What’s Included
  • Socket & See SOK65 Industrial Socket Tester
  • Socket & See ADP65 adaptor for 32A sockets
  • Socket & See TECC40 Soft Carry Case


Product Downloads

REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See SOK400KIT5P Datasheet
Socket & See SOK65 Industrial Socket Tester Datasheet
SOK ADP65 Datasheet

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