• Comprehensive electrical testing kit tailored for data centres
  • Includes testers and adaptors for varied and complex setups
  • Ensures accurate, safe, and efficient electrical testing
  • Features organised storage and easy transport options
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Socket & See SOKDC32KIT Data Centre Kit

The Socket & See SOKDC32KIT Data Centre Kit offers a comprehensive solution for data centre professionals aiming to enhance their testing capabilities with precision and security. This all-in-one kit includes essential testing instruments like the Socket & See SOK40 Industrial Socket Tester and the innovative Socket & See SOK ADP40 and ADPC14B Adaptors, all designed for rigorous use and housed in a robust carrying case.

Precision and Safety in Testing

Central to the kit is the Socket & See SOK40 Industrial Socket Tester, equipped with a durable rubber holster to withstand heavy-duty use. This tester delivers straightforward visual and audible indications for correct and incorrect wiring, enhancing safety with continuous and warbling tones to signify various electrical faults. The included Socket & See SOK ADP40 Adaptor seamlessly converts a 16A socket to a 32A plug, making it indispensable for testing 240V systems. It features a secure push-fit connection and a self-closing plug cover that prevents dirt from compromising the integrity of the connection.

Enhanced Connectivity and Security

Further augmenting the kit’s functionality, the Socket & See ADPC14B Adaptor offers a locking IEC power adaptor mechanism for secure and reliable connections. This tool easily converts from a blue 3-pin socket outlet to an IEC connection and is crucial for maintaining robust connections in complex setups. Both adaptors adhere to IEC/EN 60 309 standards, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Organised and Portable

To conveniently store and transport these instruments, the kit includes the Socket & See TECC40 Large Instrument Carry Case. This case features four separate compartments and additional pockets for manuals, datasheets, and calibration certificates. The case’s design allows for full opening, which facilitates easy access to tools and documentation. A durable carry strap and twin zips that can be locked with a padlock enhance the case’s utility and security.

What’s Included
  • Socket & See SOK40 Industrial Socket Tester
  • Socket & See SOK ADP40 Industrial Socket Tester Adaptor
  • Socket & See ADPC14B Adaptor
  • Socket & See TECC40 Large Instrument Carry Case

Product Downloads

REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See SOKDC32KIT Datasheet