• Test insulation or continuity at a socket outlet.
  • Save time and avoid additional problems.
  • Essential piece of equipment in every electrician’s tool kit.
  • Top Selling Items. A very simple Time Saver.
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Socket & See SS130 Socket Adaptor

The Socket & See SS130 Socket Adaptor is a breakthrough tool that transforms the approach to testing electrical sockets, specifically designed for the UK market. This ingenious adaptor allows electricians to conduct thorough tests without the need to remove the socket, thus preserving the wall’s integrity and décor. It’s an invaluable time-saver, streamlining the testing process for R2, R1 + R2 measurements, and voltage detection across a wide array of testing scenarios. The SS130 is universally compatible with leading brands of Continuity testers and meters, including Megger, Metrel, and Seaward, making it a must-have for professionals aiming to adhere to the 17th edition and Part P compliance standards.

In addition to its practical benefits, the Socket & See SS130 is engineered with safety at its forefront. By eliminating the need to dismantle sockets, it not only protects the electrician from potential hazards but also ensures that the electrical installation remains intact and undisturbed. This approach not only accelerates the testing process but also significantly reduces the risk of damaging the property. Whether for routine inspections, diagnostics, or compliance testing, the SS130 Socket Adaptor is an essential tool that guarantees efficiency, safety, and reliability in electrical testing. Its ease of use, combined with its robust construction, provides electricians with a dependable solution for speeding up insulation and continuity testing safely.

Key Features
  • Streamlines testing process without removing UK wall sockets
  • Enhances safety by avoiding the dismantling of sockets
  • Prevents any damage to wall decorations
  • Compatible with a range of Continuity testers and meters from leading brands
  • Enables comprehensive R2 and R1 + R2 measurements and voltage detection
  • Ideal for speeding up 17th edition and Part P compliance testing
  • Maintains integrity of electrical connections
  • Designed for use with 4mm test probes for secure connections

Technical Specifications
  • Connection Type: 4mm test probe compatible
  • Compatible Testing: R2, R1 + R2, Voltage Detection
  • Suitable for: 17th Edition and Part P Testing

What’s Included
  • Socket & See SS130 Socket Adaptor

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REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See SS130 Datasheet

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