The Ultimate Guide to Socket & See Electrical Testing Kits

Test instrument kits offer a great deal of convenience and value for engineers. Rather than purchasing individual testing tools and equipment, these kits provide a comprehensive solution that includes all the necessary items in a single package. Socket & See is a leading provider of electrical testing and safety equipment, and their range of kits offers engineers an accessible and cost-effective way to meet their testing needs. By providing high-quality equipment that is easy to use, Socket & See’s kits are an excellent choice for both new and seasoned engineers working with electrical appliances.
Two popular kits offered by Socket & See are the TB118 Advanced Kit and the TB118 Essential Kit. Both kits come with essential features such as a non-contact voltage indicator, locks for 13 Amp plugs, MCB/RCD, and fused spurs, and a two-pole voltage indicator and proving unit for safe isolation. The SP200/SP400 proving units provide an easily accessible AC “known source” to prove the operation of voltage indicators before and after use.
The TB118 Advanced Kit offers additional features such as the VIP150 for accessing tight spaces and terminal blocks, the SP400 proving unit with a test pad to prove non-contact voltage detectors and the DLM PRO with multimeter functionality for appliance fault finding down to the component level. On the other hand, the Essential Kit comes with the VIP200, which offers an additional continuity test facility, flashlight, and single pole indication.

For smart meter installation engineers, Socket & See offers the Smart Meter Installation Kit. This kit includes the VIP ESI 2-Pole Voltage Indicator, EPF PRO Hazardous Voltage and Phase Finder, SP400 Professional Proving Unit, VVD PRO Vibrating and Visual Non-Contact Voltage Detector, SOK32 Socket Testers, and TECC2 Soft Carry Case. The VIP ESI features HiZ/LoZ indication, automatic ghost voltage suppression, interchangeable straight or right-angled prods, and colour-coded LED indication on both the front and base of the unit. The kit also includes the EPF PRO, which detects voltage with audible and visual indicators, and the SP400 proving unit, which provides a true AC output at 50Hz DC component. The VVD PRO operates between 50-1000V AC, vibrates and flashes upon detection of voltages, and includes a handy LED flashlight. The SOK32 socket testers display correct and 17 other fault conditions, and a self-test feature checks internal electronics.

Finally, for those looking for a comprehensive set of lock-off devices, the Socket & See Lock Kit is an excellent choice. This kit includes the Fuse Lock, Plug Lock, and MCB Lock, each of which features a user-settable 3-digit combination that eliminates the need for keys and ensures the uniqueness of each device. The Fuse Lock is used to lock off fused spurs, while the Plug Lock is used to lock off any 3-pin 13 Amp 230v BS 1363 UK plug. The MCB Lock is designed to fit most known makes of Miniature Circuit Breaker, RCD, and mains switch. In addition to their unique features, all three devices have a shackle that can hang prohibition notices, which are also included in the kit.

In conclusion, Socket & See is a reliable provider of electrical testing and safety equipment. Their range of kits, including the TB118 Advanced Kit, TB118 Essential Kit, Smart Meter Installation Kit, and Lock Kit, offer well-engineered solutions for various electrical testing needs. With essential features such as non-contact voltage indicators, locks for 13 Amp plugs, MCB/RCD, fused spurs, and two-pole voltage indicators and proving units for safe isolation, Socket & See is committed to providing high-quality equipment that ensures safety for both professionals and amateurs working with electrical appliances.