Price List

Test EquipmentDescriptionList Price
Single & Multi-function Testers Ex VAT
SOC/PDL234PLUSPart P Loop Testing Kit (inc. additional 3-way Lead set)£219.95
SOC/PDL PROHigh Resolution Loop Tester£299.95
SOC/IRC PROInsulation and Continuity Tester£299.95
SOC/RCD PROProfessional RCD Tester£299.95
SOC/MFT5000Multifunction Tester£659.95
SOC/DLMPROSS130Loop & Socket Tester£349.95
SOC/ENGINEERDMMEngineer Digital Multimeter£99.95
Socket Testers  
SOC/SOK22Craftsman Socket Tester £19.95
SOC/SOK32Professional Socket Tester£24.95
SOC/SOK34Easy Socket and Earth Loop Tester£44.95
SOC/SOK36Professional Socket/Earth Loop/Polarity/RCD Tester£54.95
Fuse and Circuit Finders  
SOC/FFCB100Easy Fuse Finder£104.95
SOC/FFCB200Easy Fuse Finder Kit (Inc. additional 2-way Leadset )£114.95
SOC/FFCB1140Dual Voltage Fuse Finder Kit £139.95
SOC/DCF200Dead Circuit Finder£139.95
SOC/FFCDCFKIT Combined Fuse and Dead Circuit Finder Kit (FFC200/DCF200) £249.95
Safe Isolation and Phase Finders  
SOC/TB118 ADVANCED KITTB118 Advanced Kit£599.95
SOC/TB118 ESSENTIAL KITTB118 Essential Kit£499.95
SOC/EPFPROHazardous Voltage and Phase Finder£29.95
SOC/EPF30 Professional Easy Phase Finder £34.95
SOC/IVOLTNon-Contact Voltage Detector (90 - 600V)£18.95
SOC/SP200Proving Unit £109.95
SOC/SP400Proving Unit With Non-Contact Voltage Check£119.95
SOC/VIPESIElectrical Service Industry Safety Two Pole Tester£69.95
SOC/VIP150 Craftsman Voltage Tester£49.95
SOC/VIP200Two Pole Voltage Indicator With Continuity£69.95
SOC/VIPUKIT2Safe Isolation Kit 2 (VIP150/SP200/ Tecc10 Carry Case)£129.95
SOC/VIPUKIT3 Safe Isolation Kit 3 (VIP150/SP200/LOD10/ Tecc10 Carry Case)£149.95
SOC/VVDPROVibrating and Visual Non-Contact Voltage Detector (0 - 1000V)£24.95
SOC/MCB LOCKMCB Locking Off Device£29.95
SOC/PLUG LOCKPlug Locking Off Device£29.95
SOC/FUSE LOCKFuse Locking Off Device£29.95
Electricians Accessories  
SOC/CB400Professional Non-Trip Checkbox£399.95
SOC/DNO10A2WIRE10A Fused 2 Wire Lead Set£39.95
SOC/DLMPROLEAD3 Wire Non-Fused Distribution Board Test Lead Set£34.95
SOC/IECPUKAUKA 13A Mains Lead£6.95
SOC/IRCCHECKCalibration Check Box£49.95
SOC/ITLS400AFused Test Leads - (IEC Connector)£39.95
SOC/LTKIT10Lamp Test Adaptor Kit £79.95
SOC/PROLEADMains Lead including 3 x 4mm Connectors£34.95
SOC/REMOTEPROBERemote Switched Probe for MFT5000£34.95
SOC/SS130Socket Interface Adaptor£24.95
SOC/SAFECASECarry Case – Proving Unit and 2-Pole Tester£29.95
SOC/TECC1Soft Carry Case£15.95
SOC/TECC2Two Compartment Carry Case - Proving Unit & Large 2-Pole Tester£29.95
SOC/TECC6Single Compartment Carry Case£18.95
SOC/TECC10 Two Compartment Carry Case£19.95
SOC/XLTPExtra Long Test Probes£19.95
Industrial Socket Testers 
SOC/SOK40Industrial Socket Tester, 230V 3 pin£49.95
SOC/SOK50Industrial Socket Tester, 110V 3 pin£54.95
SOC/SOK60Industrial Socket Tester, 400V 4 pin£59.95
SOC/SOK65Industrial Socket Tester, 400V 5 pin£64.95
SOC/ADP40Industrial Socket Tester Adapter, 230V 3pin 16A to 32A£49.95
SOC/ADP50Industrial Socket Tester Adapter, 110V 3pin 16A to 32A£54.95
SOC/ADP60Industrial Socket Tester Adapter, 400V 3pin 16A to 32A£59.95
SOC/ADP65Industrial Socket Tester Adapter, 400V 3pin 16A to 32A£64.95
SOC/SOK230KITIndustrial Socket Tester Kit 230V 16A & 32A 3 Pin£114.95
SOC/SOK110KITIndustrial Socket Tester Kit 110V 16A & 32A 3 Pin£124.95
SOC/SOK400KIT4PIndustrial Socket Tester Kit 400V 16A & 32A 4 Pin£134.95
SOC/SOK400KIT5PIndustrial Socket Tester Kit 400V 16A & 32A 5 Pin£144.95
2021 Price list : Subject to change without notification.