• Non-trip RCD testing method
  • Continually validate your instruments through regular self-calibration checks
  • Reduces expensive calibration costs
  • Null facility to remove lead resistance
  • Order code: SOC/CB400
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Socket & See CB400 Non-Trip Installation Calibration Checkbox

The Socket & See CB400 Non-Trip Installation Calibration Checkbox stands as a testament to the evolution of calibration technology, moving far beyond the capabilities of basic calibration cards and checkboxes. This advanced tool ensures that your installation testing equipment aligns perfectly with current wiring regulations, guaranteeing the accuracy of your certification work. With the CB400, professionals can rest assured that their testing instruments are functioning optimally, upholding the integrity of their electrical safety and compliance assessments.

Designed for compatibility, the CB400 seamlessly integrates with all the leading brands of Loop, Insulation/Continuity, and RCD Testers, including both multifunction and single-operation devices. It’s an indispensable asset for ensuring compliance with BS EN 61557 Test Instrument Requirements. The device is remarkably user-friendly: simply connect it to a mains supply, attach your testing equipment, and proceed to document the results. This process not only affirms the precision of your tools but also significantly reduces the need for costly calibrations.

The CB400 doesn’t just offer technical excellence; it also comes encased in a rugged, drop-proof, and watertight case, ready to withstand the rigours of daily use in challenging environments. The inclusion of a non-trip RCD testing method, alongside various levels of insulation, continuity, and loop checks, ensures comprehensive validation of your testing instruments. Furthermore, the CB400 features a null facility to negate lead resistance, enhancing the accuracy of your measurements.

Key Features
  • Non-trip RCD testing
  • Regular self-calibration checks
  • Reduces the need for expensive calibration
  • Null facility for lead resistance removal
  • Six insulation check levels
  • Five continuity check levels
  • Three loop check levels
  • Covers 30mA and 100mA RCD tests
  • RCD over current test capability
  • Durable, drop-proof, and watertight case
  • Includes full calibration documentation

Technical Specifications
  • Compatibility: Works with all leading Loop, Insulation/Continuity, and RCD Testers
  • Compliance: BS EN 61557
  • Case: Tough, drop-proof, and watertight
  • Calibration: Full documentation provided

What’s Included
  • Socket & See CB400
  • IECP UKA 13A Plug to IEC Female Connector
  • Pair of 4mm Test Leads
  • Calibration Certificate


Product Downloads

REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See CB400 Datasheet
Socket & See CB400 Manual

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