• Specifically designed for UK 55-0-55V (110V) construction sites
  • Touch rubber holster for heavy duty use
  • Straight forward and easy to understand correct/incorrect conditions
  • Continuous audible tone indicates correct sequence
  • Order code: SOC/SOK50/16HD
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Socket & See SOK50 Industrial Socket Tester

The Socket & See SOK50 Industrial Socket Tester is expertly designed to evaluate 32A industrial sockets, ensuring they meet the rigorous demands of UK 110V construction sites. Its robust rubber holster is built for intense, heavy-duty use, withstanding harsh environmental conditions while providing reliable, straightforward testing capabilities. Upon connecting to a socket and powering on, the unit promptly conducts a self-check, confirmed by the alternating red and green flashes of its long-life LEDs, ensuring no measurements are taken prematurely.

Accurate Diagnostics with Clear Feedback

This tester delivers immediate, clear auditory feedback on the connection status: a continuous tone for correct sequences and a distinctive warbling tone for any faults. Visual confirmation of the line positions—L1, L2, and Centre Tap—is straightforward, making it easy to diagnose issues efficiently. Compatible with the SOK ADP50 adapter, the SOK50 facilitates comprehensive testing of sockets used on construction sites, enhancing safety and functionality through precise, easy-to-understand indicators.

Key Features
  • Tough rubber holster designed for heavy-duty use
  • Compatible with SOK ADP50 for comprehensive testing
  • Immediate auditory feedback via continuous or warbling tones
  • Visual indicators for correct and incorrect wiring sequences
  • Flashing red and green LEDs for clear self-check confirmation
  • Indicates exact positions of L1, L2, and Centre Tap
  • Long-lasting LED lights for extended use
  • Durable, flexible cable included
  • Easy and secure push-fit connection
  • Designed specifically for 110V (55-0-55V) UK construction site standards

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage Compatibility: 110V (55-0-55V)
  • Socket Compatibility: 32A industrial sockets
  • Connection Type: Secure push fit
  • Cable Type: Hard-wearing flexible
  • Indicators: LED for power and fault status; auditory tones for sequence confirmation
  • Housing: Tough rubber, suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Additional Features: Compatible with SOK ADP50 adapter

What’s Included
  • x1 Socket & See SOK50 Industrial Socket Tester


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REACH Certificate of Compliance
RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Socket & See SOK50 Industrial Socket Tester Datasheet

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